Frequently Asked Questions - Add a promotion

All JantaReview promotion postings must meet standards in these categories:
  • Deals, Coupons and Sales promotion only
    You must offer a discount or deal to customer. It can be in one of the following forms
    • X% off
    • Rs. X off
    • Combo Offers - Buy X, get Y free
    • Buy X no, get 10% off next puchase
    • Bundled offers - Buy X,Y,Z, get 10% off
    • Free Trials for X weeks
    • Exchange offers
    • Free Samples

  • Offer Period
    Offer Period cannot be more than 3 months.

  • Original Manufacturer / Retailer offers only
    Offers must be from original product or service provider. We do not accept offers linking to third party or intermediary sites.

  • Business Owners
    Business owners, email us if you have more than 10 offers or frequently promote your products using promotions. We accept files in csv, xml formats. Let us also know if you offer affiliate programs that we can particapte in.

  • And finally...
    Powox reserves the right to remove a sale, promotion posting at any time for any reason.